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When should I book my trial?

We recommend no later than a month or two before your wedding, but not too far in advance either. Sometimes it's ideal to book your trial after you have chosen your dress, so we can accommodate a style to compliment.

When should I wash my hair before my trial and wedding day?

Usually you can wash your hair the day before your trial and leave it to naturally dry. Do ask before hand if you have any specific styles or hair types and we can advise accordingly.

What should I wear on my trial day?

To feel the wedding day effect come together, perhaps you could wear something of similar colour and neck line to your wedding dress, like a white cami top. 

What can I prepare for my trial?

I will need a large table in a room with as much natural light as possible and a chair please, such as a dining room or lounge. A trial can take from 2-4 hours on average so please keep enough time to try all the looks you like. Feel free bring along a good friend to the trial if you wish to.

What should I wear on the morning of the wedding day?

A shirt or a top with a very large neck, stretchy top is best, so as not to disturb the hair or makeup when you're changing. (Don't forget to think about bra and sock lines too for your dress later on)

Should I get a facial before hand?

Of course, treat yourself. It is best to get a facial no nearer than one week to the wedding, incase of breakouts and allergic reactions. A good exfoliate and moisturise the day before is recommended so your skin is fresh and glowing.

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